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Couple of weeks ago my sister wanted me to recommend some interesting topics for a research she has to make in her school. As she is very fond of music, I thought automatically that it should somehow be connected to it. But my sister likes classical music. So I figured she should do a research about the music she does not know much of. Rock music or something like that. My kind of music....
I had just read from one article in the newspapers about the "27 club" which was about musicians who never got older than 27. Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and some more. When I thought about the topic I thought my sis should do a research about famous musicians who died from unnatural deaths like drug abuse or alcohol or committed suicide. There are loads of them and I could have counted many already to her as I know a lot about it.
So today I found out that my sister decided to do a research about this topic. She told me she needed a bit help because she didn't know many. My mom started counting some people and I added some more. Then I told I will look into my "Guitar Gods" book because I could get a lot of names from there. I got into this thing very much today. I started making a list about famous musicians who didn't die the natural way.... I googled and found many similar lists. And oh, there were so many people. I already knew pretty many people who died of drug abuse, because I listen to rock music, and that's the music style where people involved with it, die the most. It is scary and horrifying to make such lists but at the same time it's so damn interesting. I found out so many interesting things about bands and people.

So.... I will share the list I created in here, too. To some names, I will add the band names. To some names I will add the names of the autobiographical movies I have seen and can recommend....

I will start with the most important musicians to me.
  • Buddy Holly- died in an airplane crash on the 2nd of February 1959 (The so called "Day that the music died), The movie to watch is "The Buddy Holly Story".
  • Ritchie Valens - died in the same airplane crash, The movie to watch is "La Bamba"
  • The Big Bopper- died in the same airplane crash
  • Jimi Hendrix- drowned into his own vomit, the cause was drinking and drugs, conspiracy theories say that he might have been murdered or drowned in a wine(I have seen some kind of documentary about one conspiracy theory, can't recall the name of it)
  • Kurt Cobain- killed himself in 1994, some people say that he got into this mental stage because of his wife Courtney Love, also some conspiracy theories suggest that he was too high on drugs to kill himself
  • Jim Morrison- The singer of The Doors, died in the bath of his home, his girlfriend found him, the movie to watch is "The Doors"
  • Hillel Slovak- The guitarist of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, died of drug abuse, the book to read is "Scar Tissue" which is the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis
  • Ian Curtis - The singer of Joy Division, hung himself, the movie to watch is "Control"
  • Jeff Buckley- drowned in 1997
  • Tim Buckley- died of drug abuse
  • Eddie Cochran- died in a car accident in London in 1960 soon after releasing a song "Three stars" dedicated to Buddy, Ritchie and Big Bopper
  • Brian Jones- The Rolling Stones, drowned at his pool, probably killed by the main builder of his house, The movie to watch is "Stoned"
  • Nick Drake- died of the abuse of antidepressants, probably killed himself, suffered from depression during his life
  • Dennis Wilson- The Beach Boys, drowned
  • Gene Vincent- died of alcohol consumption
  • Sid Vicious- Sex Pistols, died of drug abuse
  • Bon Scott- AC/DC, died of alcohol consumption
  • Elvis Presley- died of drug abuse
  • Freddie Mercury- Queen, died of AIDS the day after he revealed he had the disease
  • John Lennon- The Beatles, murdered, there are a lot of books made about it, I have read "Outspoken about Lennon" (I hope this is the translation)
  • John Bonham- Led Zeppelin, died of alcohol consumption
  • Johnny Cash- died of the complications of diabetes, probably also because of the grief over the death of his wife couple of months earlies, movie to watch is "Walk the line"
  • Keith Moon- The Who, died of drug abuse
  • Bob Marley- died of cancer (although he doesn't fit into this list that well, I think I should put him here, because his death was a tragedy and actually unnatural, too. Not caused by himself or anybody else, but still violent.)
  • George Harrison- The Beatles, died of lung cancer (just to respect the man who wrote such amazing songs as "While my guitar gently weeps" and "Here comes the sun")
  • Janis Joplin- the overdose of heroin
  • Michael Jackson- the overdose of medical treatment (I had to put him to the part where are important people to me; the man is just a legend)
  • Blind Lemon Jefferson- froze to death/suffered from a heart attack at the back seat of his car (the cause of death unsure)

Now I will just count some more people whose names I got from different lists and my book. In the beginning are the names whose way of death had the biggest effect to me- either surprising or shocking or who used to be in the bands I admire.
  • Stuart Sutcliffe- The Beatles (was 2 years in the band, the so-called 5th Beatle), died of cerebral hemorrage
  • Carlton Barret- The Wailers, murdered
  • Peter Tosh- The Wailers, murdered
  • Mike Bloomfield- drug abuse
  • Clarence White- The Byrds, Kentucky Colonels- was killed by a drunk driver
  • Gram Parsons- The Byrds- died of drug abuse
  • Michael Hutchence- INXS, committed suicide
  • Pete de Freitas- Echo & The Bunnymen, died in a motorcycle accident

The shocking deaths to me:
  • Ronnie van Zant- Lynyrd Skynyrd, died in an airplane crash
  • Cassie Gaines- Lynyrd Skynyrd, died in the same accident
  • Steven Gaines- Lynyrd Skynyrd, died in the same accident
  • Allen Collins- Lynyrd Skynyrd, died of pneumonia
  • Keith Relf- The Yardbirds, was electrocuted
  • Robert Johnson- was poisoned with strychnine
Just some more deaths that I wrote up:
  • James Honeyman- The Pretenders, died of drug abuse
  • Pete Farndon- The Pretenders, died of drug abuse
  • Marvin Gaye- murdered
  • Cliff Burton- Metallica, died in a car accident
  • Aaliyah- died in a plane crash
  • Ike Turner- Rhythm Kings, Ike&Tina Turner, died of cocain overdose
  • Eddie Hazel- Funkadelic, died of internal bleeding and liver failure
  • Barrie B.J. Wilson- Procol Harum, died in a car accident
  • Paul Williams- The Temptations, suicide
  • David Ruffin- The Temptations, died of drug abuse
  • Gary Thain- Uriah Heep, died of drug abuse
  • Randy Rhoads- Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, died in a plane crash
  • Jonathan Melvoin- The Smashing Pumpkins, died of drug abuse
  • Gregory Herbert- Blood, Sweat and Tears, died of drug abuse
  • Paul Kossoff- Free, died of a heart attack caused by drug abuse
  • Charlie Christian- died of drug abuse
  • Jerry Garcia- Grateful Dead, died heart failure caused by heroin abuse
  • Guitar Slim- died of alcohol consumption
  • Karen Carpenter- The Carpenters, anorexia
  • Duane Allman- Allman Joys/Hour Glass, died in a motorbike accident
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan- Double Trouble, died in a helicopter accident
Of course, this is a small list of famous musicians who have died tragically.
Here are the links to the places I got most of the names from. There are many more names.....





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